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Sabato 4  maggio  ore 21.00  FABBRICA GRASSI
 “HURRICANE TRIO featuring CHRIS COLLINS” "Grateful"

CHRIS COLLINS  –  Sax Tenore 
ROBERTO MATTEI – Contrabbasso

The band was born and made its debut by presenting the "Turning Point" project in March 2023 right in Quarna where the four musicians have been gravitating for some time, and was subsequently consolidated thanks to the Detroit Jazz Festival Global-Connect International All-Star Initiative which in the same year explored the fusion between the art of Detroit and Italian jazz through the multigenerational quartet formed by the "Hurricane Trio" (Lorenzo Blardone on piano, Roberto Mattei on double bass, Massimiliano Salina on drums), and the award-winning Detroit saxophonist, Chris Collins, internationally recognized for the prestigious role he plays in the global jazz scene.

This powerful quartet proved to be a gravitational center in which artists and legacies of both cultures converged. The band presented original compositions and sophisticated improvisations born from intercultural fertilization and the study of each other's jazz traditions. Built on infectious grooves and complex metric environments, powerful lyricism, inventive angularity and new harmonic dimensions, the music was able to capture the emotion, artistry, intellect and legacy derived from the great art of jazz, showcasing the at the same time the wonders that arise from true cultural collaboration. In 2023, the HURRICANE TRIO with CHRIS COLLINS then presented the music from their CD "Turning Point" with concert tours in Italy, Japan and the United States, culminating with an appearance at the 2023 Detroit Jazz Festival on September 3, 2023 in the center of Detroit.
The writing of other compositions developed at the same time, presented with the new concert "Grateful", testifies to the band's desire to continue on its happy path which wants to relaunch itself exactly where it started from... from Quarna.

Chris COLLINS  Jazz saxophonist or more generally jazz instrumentalist (Sax, Clarinet, Flute), has performed as a leader of various musical situations and as a guest soloist during numerous tours in Japan, South Africa, Europe and North America. Last year COLLINS performed his original songs in concert in 7 countries on 4 continents. During his career and up to today he has collaborated or collaborates with artists such as the Phil Collins Big Band, Doc Severenson, Mel Torme, Michael Fienstien, Rob McConnel, Lou Rawls and with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Mentioning the most important ones, he has played at international jazz festivals such as: Cork, Ireland, Montreux-Switzerland, Pori, Nice, North Sea, and Glasgow. His latest CD “Jazz From The Shamrock Shore” (Harriett Jazz/ASCAP) focuses on compositions that artistically combine the instrumental voices and vocabulary and repertoire of traditional Irish folk with US Jazz. In addition to his "commercial" recordings or film scores such as the highly decorated soundtrack "The Big Night" by Paramount Pictures, Chris' solos and compositions are available on numerous CDs including: "Urban Solitude" - Chris Collins Quartet (Harriett Jazz), "A Hot Night In Paris" - The Phil Collins Big Band (Atlantic), “A Time To Mourn, A Time To Dance” (Harriett Jazz/ ASCAP) and "Watching For Watchung Plaza" - The John Cooper Quintet. The artist Collins and his works have also received widespread recognition and reviews from: Billboard Magazine, Downbeat Magazine, Detroit Jazz Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit news, The Hennesey Jazz Competition and the International Association of Jazz Educators.

Chris Collins is director of Jazz studies courses at Wayne State University in Detroit-Michigan - USA where he holds the saxophone chair as "Associate Professor". He has also presented and supported numerous workshops and master classes on Jazz and saxophone throughout the world and in particular at: The South African Jazz Educators conference - Durbin, Capetown, and Grahamstown, South Africa, The University of Strathclyde - Glasgow, Scotland, The Big Band Club - Kita Kyushu, Japan, and at numerous I.A.J.E. conferences. (International Association of Jazz Educators) in the United States on topics such as jazz improvisation with the saxophone and distance learning of Jazz. He has also contributed to several articles published in the Jazz Educators Journal, including the most recent cover article on Joe Lovano and Joe Zawinul.

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