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Sat, Aug 21


Quarna Sotto - Grassi Factory


“PDF INTERPLAY” • Dario Cardelli Chitarre e chiviola • Pier Lego Basso • Fedele Stucchi Trombone e Lisarda L’aspetto fondamentale delle esecuzioni del gruppo resta la prassi esecutiva: partendo da disegni il gruppo ricerca linee melodiche, incroci armonici e ritmici.

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Aug 21, 2021, 9:00 PM

Quarna Sotto - Grassi Factory, 28896 Quarna Sotto VB, Italy


Saturday 21 August 2021 at the GRASSI Factory - Concert of the "PDF INTERPLAY"

A mosaic is a set of tiles that by themselves seem to have no meaning, but together can form masterpieces.

The search for "PDF INTERPLAY" moves by exploiting elements that combine past experiences with the most modern techniques, an aspect highlighted by the use of particular instruments such as the "Chiviola" (cross between the guitar and the viola, conceived, built and played by Dario Cardelli), the “Lisarda” (ancient instrument inserted in a modern context), the “Guitar with effects”.

The group interprets this modus operandi as a paraphrase of existence that cannot be completely programmed in its unfolding, but sometimes encounters unknown and uncertainty that are resolved with concrete action.

Nobody knows the songs of the group, not even those who play them. They present themselves now for the first time.


• Dario Cardelli Guitars and chiviola

• Pier Lego Basso

• Fedele Stucchi Trombone and Lisarda

The executive mode will be based on the interpretation of 4/5 drawings that we will perform as small suites.


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