"Un Paese per la Musica"

Events 2020

    Apr 09, 8:00 PM – Sep 17, 12:00 AM
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Giuliana Albertella - ITALY

Gianni and Lucia Arfacchia - ITALY

Artexe Cultural Association - ITALY

Stefano Atzeni - SWITZERLAND

Bengt Axel Myhr - NORWAY

Direktor Benef - USA

Jeremy Benstein - ISRAEL

Massimo Bergamaschi - ITALY

Ernie Brock - USA

Susan Brooks - USA

Pierangelo Calini - ITALY

Giuseppe Canone - ITALY

Alberto Casotti - ITALY

Matteo Ceresa - ITALY

Pasquale Ciocca Potty - ITALY

Lalo Conversano - ITALY

Dan Cooperman - USA

Roberto Coppi - ITALY

Paola Coppi - ITALY

Marco Cristina - ITALY

Danilo Beffa and Miriam - ITALY

Gualtiero De Monti - ITALY

Andreas Dürr - SWITZERLAND

Susan Feder - USA

Franco Pallotta - ITALY

Collin Glidewell - USA

Nadia Grandi - SWITZERLAND

David Henderson - USA

Ass.ne Together In Music - ITALY

Graeme Kay - USA

Roger Keating - USA

Janice Lee - USA

Paolo Lombardo - ITALY

Gianluca Longa - ITALY

Rosa Lucente - ITALY

Caterina Meneveri - ITALY

Victor Miltiades - USA

Shari Miltiades - USA

Lina Mittino - ITALY

Gabriele Oglina - ITALY

Fabio Oglina - ITALY

Silvia Padulazzi - ITALY

Annalisa Rampone - ITALY

Marco Rampone - ITALY

Mara Raneli - ITALY

Anna Realini - ITALY

Renata Sacchi - ITALY

Giorgio Scalenghe - ITALY

Karen Seabury - USA

Matthew Sigman - USA

Claire Sigman - USA

Sabrina Sury - SWITZERLAND

David Tayeh - USA

Elizabeth Thompson - USA

Carlo Travaini - ITALY

Daniele Tripodi - ITALY

Amy Yates - USA

Stefano Zaccagni - ITALY

Cigdem Gencer - USA

Sharon Frankel - USA

Cora Steinberg - USA

Hannah Seabury - USA

Raymond Raad - USA

Catherine French - USA

Robin Perry - USA

Amy Sheon - USA

Michael Mael - USA

Bernice Morris - USA

Dudley Cannada - USA

Steven Sigman - USA

Marci Klumb - USA

Nicholas Wise - USA


Quarna e la neve

"Un paese per la musica"

Support Quarna Musica

"Quarna Un Paese per la Musica" is a music festival of live music, which takes place every year in Quarna, a charming little town immersed in the green of the mountains of Lake Orta, in Upper Piedmont.

The review hosts internationally renowned artists, and lesser-known ones, and offers classical, band, jazz and contemporary music events, in collected spaces, suitable for acoustic listening, interactive performances and improvisation.

"Quarna Un Paese per la Musica"is the lively and vital expression of almost 200 years of Quarna's musical culture, matured both in the production of wind instruments and in the formation and promotion of music, played and listened to, among young people and less young.

"Quarna Un Paese per la Musica" is a meeting place of local tradition and international cultures and trends, where the physical closeness between artists and simple enthusiasts allows the integration and sharing of universal values that live music brings with it .

Passion and tradition

Tradizione 2
Tradizione 3
Tradizione 1

Previous editions

"Quarna,Un Paese per la Musica" was born in 1980, with a generally classical repertoire.


Beginning in the 1990, on the basis of the accrued interests of local enthusiasts and the relationships established by the internationally renowned saxophone factory of Quarna, the program took on a strong jazz imprint, even though it retains ample space for other genres music.

Since then, international artists and local musicians have performed in previous editions at Quarna during the summer season.

Enrico Lucchini
Enrico Lucchini
Flute Quatuor
Flute Quatuor

Giuliano Crivelli, Stefano Gori, Luciano Maglio, Anselmo Quartagno

Quartetto Ottoni 1981
Quartetto Ottoni 1981

Giorgio Coppi, Paolo Milesi Claudio Bovio Angelo Ruspa

Steve Grossman
Steve Grossman
Paul McCandless
Paul McCandless
Bosso & Salis
Bosso & Salis
Xavier Girotto
Xavier Girotto
La Drummeria
La Drummeria
Mike Rossi
Mike Rossi
Eddy Daniels
Eddy Daniels
Ramberto Ciammarughi
Ramberto Ciammarughi
Michele Gori
Michele Gori