CONCERT by  Fabio Concato
of 7 August 2022 to  
Quarna Above
Belvedere Terrace

The Concert by Fabio Concato
it will be free admission
subject to availability.
No membership and no reservations are required

"Un Paese per la Musica"

Events 2020

  • Membership Year 2020
    Mar 21, 7:59 AM – Nov 30, 8:59 AM
    Quarna Below, 28896 Quarna Sotto VB, Italy
    Complete the registration as a member of Quarna Musica. As a Member you will be entitled, after paying the membership fee, to participate in the Master Classes and to take advantage of the Bonus for the Concerts and the discounts provided for the activities. Annual cost of the card € 20.00
    Aug 26, 7:00 PM – Aug 27, 11:30 PM
    Quarna Sopra Chiesa Parrocchiale, 28898 Quarna Sopra VB, Italia
    Progetto "CONCERTI BRANDEBURGHESI" Ensemble Pecelli Madonna del Sasso- Quarna

Quarna Musica 2022 - 43rd Season - Program


Tuesday  8  March  21.00  FAT FACTORY

CONCERT dedicated to women with pieces written by composers including Amanda Maier and Cécile Chaminade.

Marco Rainelli  transverse flute  -  Ester Snider  piano


Saturday 2 April at 6.00 pm  FAT FACTORY

5.00 pm ASSEMBLY of the Members
18.00 Youth concert

clarinet  - piano


Sunday 15  May at 16.00   FAT FACTORY

CONCERTS by the students of

Music High School "Piero Gobetti" of Omegna  

Friday 27 May at 9.00 pm   FAT FACTORY

CONCERTS by the students of

Music High School "Piero Gobetti" of Omegna  

Saturday  28  May  21.00  GRASS I FACTORY


Jazz-rock-fusion inspired by Joe Zavinul, Jaco Pastorius, Frank Zappa

  Simone Bellavia electric bass - Jacopo Albini sax and bass clarinet - Gaetano Fasano drums

Sunday  5  June  16.00  FAT FACTORY

CONCERT  by the students of the Guido Cantelli Conservatory of Novara
Alessandro Orlando Flute - Francesca Bolognesi Clarinet - Gigliola Grassi Piano
Music by: Brahms, Sant Saens, Jolivet, Messiaen

Saturday  25  June  21.00  FAT FACTORY

CONCERT dedicated to the winners of the “CVBrusoni” youth section

Giacomo Arfacchia  clarinet  -  Ruta Stadalnykaite  piano


Friday  15   Saturday  16  July  FAT FACTORY


Teachers: Paolo Favini  -  Luca Volonté -  Chris Collins

Saturday  16  July  21.00  FAT FACTORY  -  FINAL CONCERT with students and teachers
Lorenzo Blardone Piano - Roberto Mattei Double bass - Massimiliano Salina Drums


Sunday  17  July  16.00  AUDITORIUM MUSEUM


17.30  FABBRICA GRASSI visit to the Library

Following "Giuliano's friends in Jam Session"


Friday  29  2.00 pm  And  Saturday  30  July  09.00 am  AUDITORIUM MUSEUM 
Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. From Denner to Rampone, three hundred years of evolution of the clarinet

MASTERCLASS on ancient and modern clarinets  Teacher: Rocco CARBONARA

Friday  29  July at 21.00  ORATORY of the SALIENTE


Rocco Carbonara, Lycia Gialdi, Stefano Rapetti: ancient clarinets - Steno Boesso: ancient bassoon

Saturday  30  July  15.30  AUDITORIUM MUSEUM


"250 years of music through the brilliant ideas and patents of the greatest clarinet makers"

Saturday  30  July  21.00  FAT FACTORY

"Gate Duo"

The repertoire ranges from transcriptions of music of the 700/800 to contemporary original pieces, with jazz contaminations

Simone Bellagamba  saxophone -  William Belpassi  piano

from Monday 1st August to Saturday 6th August 2022
Courses of high musical improvement 
GIANNI BIOCOTINO flute  - ROBERTO BOCCHIO clarinet and bass clarinet - ALFREDO PEDRETTI horn

Sunday  7  August  06.00 am  BELVEDERE QUARNA TERRACE ABOVE

“No sleep” CONCERT at SUNRISE  3rd  Edition

Musical body of QUARNA  and Guest Singers


Saturday  27  August  21.00  PARISH CHURCH QUARNA ABOVE


  ENSAMBLE PECELLI  (String and wind orchestra)


Saturday  24  September  21.00  FAT FACTORY


Anna Maria Morici


Saturday  8  October  21.00  FAT FACTORY


“AND HIS SONG STARTED AGAIN”…. Tribute to the Italian song

Elisa Marangon  voice  -  Roberto Olzer  piano  -  Max De Aloe  harmonic


Saturday  15  October  16.00  AUDITORIUM MUSEUM

Study day on the figure of Maestro Enrico Cecchetti - Speaker: Stefania Sansavini

CCC review  hours  21.00  FAT FACTORY

Theater Music and Dance show  "Do as You Want, Learn How I Want"

Sacha Trapletti  Narrating voice  -  Ester Snider  piano - Letizia Ponti  dancer


Saturday  12  November  21.00  FAT FACTORY


Marco Mariani  trumpet / flugelhorn - Gianluca Zanello alto sax - Tullio Ricci  tenor sax

Federico Cumar  trombone  -  Lorenzo Blardone  piano 

Roberto Mattei  contrabass  -  Massimiliano Salina  drums


All concerts and activities will be carried out in compliance with the health provisions in force.


Quarna e la neve

"Un paese per la musica"

Support Quarna Musica

"Quarna Un Paese per la Musica" is a music festival of live music, which takes place every year in Quarna, a charming little town immersed in the green of the mountains of Lake Orta, in Upper Piedmont.

The review hosts internationally renowned artists, and lesser-known ones, and offers classical, band, jazz and contemporary music events, in collected spaces, suitable for acoustic listening, interactive performances and improvisation.

"Quarna Un Paese per la Musica"is the lively and vital expression of almost 200 years of Quarna's musical culture, matured both in the production of wind instruments and in the formation and promotion of music, played and listened to, among young people and less young.

"Quarna Un Paese per la Musica" is a meeting place of local tradition and international cultures and trends, where the physical closeness between artists and simple enthusiasts allows the integration and sharing of universal values that live music brings with it .

Passion and tradition

Tradizione 2
Tradizione 3
Tradizione 1

Previous editions

"Quarna,Un Paese per la Musica" was born in 1980, with a generally classical repertoire.


Beginning in the 1990, on the basis of the accrued interests of local enthusiasts and the relationships established by the internationally renowned saxophone factory of Quarna, the program took on a strong jazz imprint, even though it retains ample space for other genres music.

Since then, international artists and local musicians have performed in previous editions at Quarna during the summer season.

Enrico Lucchini
Enrico Lucchini
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Flute Quatuor
Flute Quatuor

Giuliano Crivelli, Stefano Gori, Luciano Maglio, Anselmo Quartagno

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Quartetto Ottoni 1981
Quartetto Ottoni 1981

Giorgio Coppi, Paolo Milesi Claudio Bovio Angelo Ruspa

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Steve Grossman
Steve Grossman
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Paul McCandless
Paul McCandless
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Bosso & Salis
Bosso & Salis
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Xavier Girotto
Xavier Girotto
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La Drummeria
La Drummeria
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Mike Rossi
Mike Rossi
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Eddy Daniels
Eddy Daniels
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Ramberto Ciammarughi
Ramberto Ciammarughi
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Michele Gori
Michele Gori
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