Season 2020 - The Protagonists

De Nitto
Julio Gonzales

"LA MAMBISA" Julio Gonzales Sabato 24 ottobre ore 21,00 Fabbrica Grassi

Simone Benedetti

"LA MAMBISA" Simone Benedetti Sabato 24 ottobre ore 21,00 Fabbrica Grassi

David Brutti

"LA MAMBISA" David Brutti Sabato 24 ottobre ore 21,00 Fabbrica Grassi

locandina-concerto-alba-ALONE copia

Domenica 9 agosto ore 6,00 Belvedere Quarna Sopra CONCERTO all'alba con Il Corpo Musicale E.Rampone Damiano Colombo Ester Snider

Banda Quarna

Martedì 11 agosto ore 20,30 Concerto a sorpresa in Piazza Fornaca Quarna Sotto

Alberto Gurrisi

19 settembre ore 21,00 Fabbrica GRASSI “Alberto GURRISI 4ET”-“888” Alberto Gurrisi (organo Hammond) Gianni Denitto (sax alto) Gianni Virone (sax tenore) Alessandro Minetto (batteria)

Girotto 3

Sabato 3 ottobre ore 10,00 Fabbrica GRASSI Javier Girotto & David Brutti Master Class 2° Set

Brutti e Girotto copia

Sabato 3 ottobre ore 21,00 Fabbrica GRASSI Concerto “Escenas en duo” Javier Girotto - saxofoni, quena e elettronica David Brutti - saxofoni e elettronica

Giuseppe Garbarino

EVENTO RINVIATO Sabato 24 ottobre - ore 10,00 Fabbrica GRASSI Incontro con Giuseppe Garbarino - ore 21,00 Concerto "Musica per gli Amici" Alessandro Licostini - clarinetto Vittoria Licostini - voce soprano Simone Faraoni - pianoforte Giuseppe Canone - sax soprano Marco Rampone - sax alto Luca Barchi - sax tenore David Brutti - sax baritono


Belvedere Quarna Sopra 6.00 am
CONCERT at dawn

A musical greeting to the new day. Music and song united to celebrate the sun that rises behind the Mottarone and is reflected on Lake Orta


The Egidio Rampone Musical Body of Quarna proposes an open
Concert / Rehearsal in the Fornaca Square at 20.30

In this particular year for Covid we are striving to find alternatives to traditional executions.


"Alberto GURRISI 4ET" - "888"

  • Alberto Gurrisi (Hammond organ)

  • Gianni Denitto (alto sax)

  • Gianni Virone (tenor sax)

  • Michele Morari (drums)

The quartet, focused on the sounds of Alberto Gurrisi's Hammond organ, is made up of musicians from different musical backgrounds but united by a language that has its roots in hard bop. The sound is therefore inspired by the great jazz season of the 50s and 60s but also compares with the different styles that have developed later.

In the repertoire many original compositions and reinterpretations of some standards, designed specifically for this formation with a writing characterized by constant dialogue between the sections, with always different thematic and improvisational structures.

From 2011 to today the quartet has performed in prestigious reviews and clubs all over Italy, experiences that in 2015 inspired the production of the first album "888" much appreciated by industry critics.

Alberto Gurrisi - HAMMOND ORGAN
Born in Milan in 1984, he studied classical piano for seven years. In 1998 he met jazz, studying piano with Fabrizio Bernasconi and functional harmony with M. Filippo Daccò. From 2003 to 2007 he studied with Paolo Birro and Mario Rusca at the Civic Courses of Jazz in Milan.
Since 2003 he has been self-taught the hammond organ. He also attends lessons with great organists such as Joey deFrancesco, Sam Yahel, Larry Goldings, Tony Monaco. In the same period he decides to devote himself exclusively to the organ and meets several musicians, including maestro Franco Cerri (with whom he has been steadily collaborating from 2007 to today) and the American blues harmonica player Sugar Blue, with whom he participates in numerous blues festivals in Italy and various European countries (2006-7).

In 2011 he moved to Turin. He starts a new project in his own name, in a quartet with Gianni Denitto (alto sax), Gianni Virone (tenor sax) and Alessandro Minetto (drums) with whom in 2015 he produced his first leading album "888" and as a sideman he performs with several groups across Europe including Max Ionata trio with Gege 'Telesforo, Eddie Martin Blues Band and in trio with Innes Sibun. He also co-produces records with Pepe Ragonese organ trio, Happy Tree quartet by Alfredo Ferrario and Marco Castiglioni, and with Alessio Menconi trio.
He had the chance to play with Joe Cohn, Adam Nussbaum, Jim Mullen, Doug Webb, Rob Sudduth, Darryl Jones, Torino Jazz Orchestra feat. Carla Bley-Steve Swallow-Andy Sheppard, Enrico Rava, Max Ionata, Gege 'Telesforo, Mauro Negri, Emanuele Cisi, Amedeo Ariano, Fabrizio Bosso, Massimo Manzi, Alfredo Ferrario, Enzo Zirilli, Alessio Menconi, Luigi Tessarollo, Dino Piana, Gianni Sanjust, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Emilio Soana, Paolo Tomelleri, Tony Arco, Paolo Pellegatti and other Italian musicians.


David Brutti - From basic to advanced techniques:
The course is aimed at students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, and is aimed at consolidating the basic technique and clarifying its fundamental principles. A large part of the lesson will focus on the acquisition of a correct and natural posture and on breathing, essential prerequisites for being able to play efficiently. Once the basic technical principles have been consolidated, we will proceed to the study of advanced techniques (overtones, over-high register, multiphonics and attack techniques.

David Brutti was born in Foligno in 1979. He studied saxophone with Jean-Marie Londeix and Marie Bernadette Charrier at the Bordeaux Conservatory, obtaining the "Medaille d'Or", and with Pier Narciso Masi at the "International Piano Academy of Imola", obtaining the Master in Chamber Music. From 2000 to 2008 David Brutti was awarded in over fifteen international and national competitions including the Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition 2007 - Amsterdam, and “What's next 2006” - Nuova Consonanza.

He has held Masterclasses at the Royal College of Music - London, the Konservatorium Wien, and at the Conservatory Superior de las Islas Baleares - Palma de Mallorca where he currently holds the position of Saxophone teacher


Javier Girotto & David Brutti: "Escenas en duo"
The masterclass accompanies the release of Javier Girotto's book “Escenas en solo”, a fundamental text for the study of improvisation aimed at developing a polyphonic concept on a melodic instrument. The masterclass is accompanied by a concert by the duo in which the musicians will try their hand at historical compositions by Javier Girotto arranged for two Saxes with the addition of real-time electronics.

Javier Edgardo Girotto was born in Cordoba on April 17, 1965. He approaches music thanks to his maternal grandfather ALCaroli, band director, playing first the snare drum, then the piccolo clarinet in E flat, in the Infanto Juvenil de Cordoba and in the band of Villa del Rosario, then move on to the one in B flat. The transition, for a clarinetist, to the saxophone is natural. Choosing the alto sax, he begins to frequent Buenos Aires, looking for someone to introduce him to jazz, unfortunately without luck. Back in Cordoba he formed his first jazz-inspired groups, also dedicating himself to the commercial music of the so-called "Cuartetos". At the age of sixteen he began his classical studies, enrolling at the Conservatorio Provincial De Cordoba and since there is no saxophone chair, he enrolled in clarinet and flute courses, reaching the average completion in both instruments. Parallel to his studies in the conservatory he forms and collaborates with various groups, including the Vertiente, a mix of Argentine fusion and folklore, the Jazz 440, “Jam”, the Enzo Piccioni Quartet and the Juan Ciallella Quartet.

Javier Girotto's Italian adventure begins at the age of 25, to take care of some business of his family, of Apulian origins, (through the Italian citizenship) deciding in a short time, to start his professional career in this country. Also in Italy he alternates his collaboration with commercial and Latin music groups, with the formation of various jazz groups, with which he begins his tireless activity as composer and arranger. His first Roman formation is "Tercer Mundo", together with Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, on the tracks of Latin jazz, a sextet consisting of piano, bass, percussion, drums, trumpet and sax, followed closely by "Six Sax" , a quartet of saxophones, with bass and drums, composed of Rosario Giuliani and Tony Germani on the top, Gianni Savelli on the tenor, Javier on the baritone, Marco Siniscalco on the bass and Pietro Iodice on the drums, with whom he recorded his first cd "Homenaje ”In 1995 with special guests Bob Mintzer and Randy Brecker. In this same period was born the group for which Girotto's soprano and baritone saxophone are best known, Aires Tango, with Alessandro Gwis on piano, Marco Siniscalco on bass and Michele Rabbia on drums and percussion, in a combination of the reasons for tango with those of jazz which, starting from the pleasure linked to listening to the stylistic features of Argentine music, reassures the listener in facing the "rapids" of the "diversity" of his solos. With Aires Tango he recorded 10 discs and in 2009 they celebrate 15 years of life with their disc "10/15" (precisely to indicate 10th disc and 15 years of life of the group) gems of a journey in which Girotto has always been accompanied from the unconditional applause of the public, who encouraged him to "open" the project to the voice of Peppe Servillo and the symphony orchestra.


Giuseppe Garbarino , famous clarinetist and conductor as well as composer, graduated in composition with Bettinelli at the “Boito” Conservatory in Parma and in clarinet at the “Paganini” in Genoa. A multifaceted personality of Italian musical life, he gained international attention as a clarinetist by winning the Geneva Competition (1963) and five national competitions, including the one at La Scala in Milan where he was 1st Clarinet between 1966 and 1973.

In '72 he founded the Garbarino Ensemble with which he presented works by great authors of the '900 (many of which dedicated to him) at the Scala in Milan and around the world, including Petrassi, Donatoni, Clementi, Castiglioni, Xenakis, Scelsi . Among the many awards received are the "Diapason d'Oro" of RAI (1971) and the "Viotti d'Oro" of Vercelli (1980). In 1983 he founded the Sammartini Orchestra of Milan (for the dissemination of the origins of the Italian symphony), hosting Carlo Zecchi to inaugurate it.

From 1985 to 2003 he was president of the SIMC (Italian section of the "International Society for contemporary music"). He has conducted the RAI orchestras of Milan and Turin at La Scala (Milan), Santa Cecilia (Rome), as well as in the most important Italian theaters.

He has conducted in major European centers such as Madrid: Teatro Real “Filarmonica Nacional”; Paris: Champs Elysee Theater; Sofia (Sal Bulgaria) Orchestra "Pasdeloup Concerts" - Symphony of Radio Zagreb "Zagreb Filarmonia"; Netherlands: Radio Hilversun; Poland: Warsaw, Katowice, Gdansk, Poznan, Krakovia, etc.

Regular guest of the Toscanini Orchestra of Parma, with which for a decade he made several tours presenting music programs of the '900 at the New York (1991), Athens (1982) and Paris at the Center Pompidou-IRCAM (1994) ). From 1989 to 1996 he was guest conductor at the Verona Arena where he conducted various programs, from Mozart's Requiem to Strawinski, Varése, throughout the twentieth century.

His teaching activity in various English and Israeli universities, at the Milan Conservatory, at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, is of great importance. He has held high orchestral specialization courses in Ravello, Fiesole, Saluzzo and Krakow. He has recorded for the record companies CBS, Ducale, Nuova Era, Edi Pan. From the end of the 90s his activity as composer intensified, creating a conspicuous chamber and symphonic repertoire.

Saturday 24 October at 21.00

Concert "Giuseppe Garbarino - Music for friends"

Alessandro Licostini - clarinet

Vittoria Licostini - soprano voice

Simone Faraoni - piano

Giuseppe Canone - soprano sax

Marco Rampone - alto sax

Luca Barchi - tenor sax

David Brutti - baritone sax

Quarna Under the "Fabbrica Grassi"

Admission reserved for Members (Card Cost € 20.00)


Music by Giuseppe Garbarino

BOUNCE (Variations) for clarinet and piano

FOUR SONGS (on texts by Gianni Bombaci) for voice and piano (2018)

- On certain slopes

- Leaves

- Your name is Michela

- Cherries

SHADOW FIGURES for Clarinet and Piano (2018)

YELLOW SUITE for Saxophone Quartet (2010)

- Promenade

- Bounce for Liza

- Nocturne

- Riff for Daisy


La Mambisa is an international project that involves musicians from different musical traditions, united by the love for Latin American culture. The piece that, from the title of the project, uses elements of the Cuban popular musical tradition and in particular deals with the Mambo and is a very brilliant score of extreme virtuosity with elements of improvisation.

Saturday 24 October 9.00 pm - "La Mambisa" Concert

Julio Gonzales Mustelier - saxophones
David Brutti - saxophones
Simone Benedetti - piano

Julio Gonzales Mustelier He began his musical studies at the age of 7 in the conservatory of his city, Santiago de Cuba, and was later selected to be able to study at the ENA ("Escuela Nacional de Arte") where he graduated with full marks obtaining admission to the ISA (“instituto Superior de Arte”) of Havana. He is currently specializing in Saxophone at the Conservatory of Palma de Mallorca under the guidance of Maestro Rodrigo Vila and David Brutti. He is also the winner of a scholarship for the Master in Music Investigation at the Rioja International University (UNIR). His compositions are part of the AECID 2018 catalog and the Fundación Isidora catalog. Finally, he was awarded in important competitions such as the 17th Premio Internacional de Interpretación Intercentros Melómano 2018, Concurs de Solistes 2018 Orquesta Sinfónica CSMIB, MUSICALIA categoría C en el Perfil de COMPOSICIÓN 2015 and JOJAZZ categoría Interpretación y composición 2014.

David Brutti was born in Foligno in 1979. He studied saxophone with Jean-Marie Londeix and Marie Bernadette Charrier at the Bordeaux Conservatory, obtaining the "Medaille d'Or", and with Pier Narciso Masi at the "International Piano Academy of Imola", obtaining the Master in Chamber Music. From 2000 to 2008 David Brutti was awarded in over fifteen international and national competitions including the Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition 2007 - Amsterdam, and “What's next 2006” - Nuova Consonanza.
He collaborates with several contemporary music ensembles such as Ensemble L'Itinéraire, Divertimento Ensemble, Algoritmo Ensemble, Prometeo Ensemble, Ensemble Nuovo Contrappunto, Ensemble International de Saxophones, and with musicians such as Marco Angius, Mario Caroli, Gabriele Mirabassi, Jonathan Williams, Enrico Rava, Gianluca Petrella, Timothy Brock, Robin O 'Neil, Rashid Safir, Sandro Gorli. David Brutti plays regularly in the main Auditoriums and Festivals including Traiettorie 2010 (Parma), Rondò 2013 (Milan), CDMC Temporada 2007-2008 - Sala 400 (Madrid), Sagra Musicale Umbra, Akademie der Künste (Berlin), Oleg Kagan Musik Fest (Munich), Umbria Jazz 2007 and 2010, Friends of Music of Modena, Muziekgebouw Aan T'ij (Amsterdam), Royal Festival Hall - Southbank (London), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome), Santa Cecilia (Rome), Universität der Künste (Berlin), Teatro Regio (Turin), Saint-Petersburg Philarmonic (St. Petersburg), Automne Musicale in Chatellerault (Poitiers), Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2004 (Salzburg), Nuova Consonanza (Rome), Grenoble Jazz Festival 2004 etc ...

Simone Benedetti He obtained diplomas in piano (Maestro Carlo Guaitoli) and composition, old system (Maestro Marco Gatti) at the Briccialdi Institute in Terni, both with full marks and honors. He attended courses of piano improvement of Massimiliano Ferrati, Jerome Rose, Andrea Lucchesini. He carries out regular concert activity in Italy and abroad (Poland and the United States) as a pianist and conductor, even outside classical music, collaborating with musicians such as Gabriele Mirabassi and Tony Esposito. His music has been performed and directed by prominent performers including Giovanni Sollima, Emanuele Segre, Fabio Maestri. His pieces have been the subject of two first level academic diploma theses. Also active in the theater, he composed the incidental music for some plays. His complete reworking of Fabrizio De André's La Buona Novella, of which he directed the world premiere, has attracted considerable interest from several national realities.

Quarna Under the "Grassi" Factory
Free admission for members (Card Cost € 20.00