Season 2020 - The Protagonists


Belvedere Quarna Sopra ore 6,00
CONCERTO all'alba

Un saluto musicale al nuovo giorno. Musica e canto uniti per festeggiare il sole che nasce dietro al Mottarone e si riflette sul Lago d'Orta


Il Corpo Musicale Egidio Rampone di Quarna propone un Concerto/Prova aperta alla Fornaca
ore 20,30

In questo anno particolare per il Covid ci stiamo ingegnando per trovare alternative alle esecuzioni tradizionali.


del Corpo Musicale di Cadorago (Como)

The Junior Band "Let's play in Harmony" is the youth training of the Cadorago Music Corps and was created to allow the fourth and fifth graders of primary school to start a learning path of the music together as an important element of socialization and aggregation. The training has 50 elements with an average age of less than 14 years.


Despite the young age of its members, the Junior Band has already participated in important band competitions always with excellent results: in 2017 the third position in the competition for youth bands of Costa Volpino (BG) and in 2018 the first position in the international competition for bands youth MusicUp of Udine.


Franco Arrigoni

Graduated in Trumpet and Band Instrumentation, Franco Arrigoni specialized in conducting with several orchestra conducting internships with internationally renowned teachers.


He is a trumpet teacher at the Middle School of Music in Cadorago (Como) and director of the Istituto Orchestra. He was the permanent director of the "Youth Band Fe.Ba.Co" and artistic director of three Summer Internships (2012-2015). Since 1994 he has directed the Civic Philharmonic of Bellinzona and since 2004 the Cadorago Music Corps, with these formations, regularly participates in competitions and realizes innovative musical projects.


He has numerous compositions and arrangements for the band to his credit, some of which have become compulsory pieces for national and international competitions. He is often invited as a juror in national and international competitions.


  • Canone                     J. Pachelbel/Arr. P. Lavender

  • Vortex                       Robert Longfield

  • Ancient Voices         Michael Sweeney

  • Villotta Friulana       Franco Arrigoni

  • Abutsu-Bo                Enrico Tiso

  • Fires Of Mazama     Michael Sweeney

  • Band Class Swing    Andrew Balent

  • Atzec Fire                  Jay Bocook

  • Oye Como Va           T.Puente/Arr. M.Brown

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